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October 08, 2019 2 min read

How to ensure the best sleep for your baby

For some parents, putting their baby to sleep is a dream. However, getting them to stay asleep can be a nightmare. This was my baby. By eight weeks old she could fall asleep on her own, but the tiniest interruption would wake her up!

Whether it was my heavy footed husband coming down the stairs, a barking dog, an untimely door bell ring or even the noise of perhaps the most sacred activity for a new parent - the shower - an interruption to her naptime or bedtime became frustrating and limiting for everyone.

Of course, I tried a number of creative ways to overcome these interruptions: post-it notes over the doorbell, “sleeping baby alert!” texts sent out to excited visitors, praying the sound of the shower would put my baby to sleep, or giving my husband the best “mom glare” I could muster to warn him to tread lightly. But at the end of the day, my baby had the best sleep when the noise around her was consistent and comforting.

I think the Lulla Doll would have been the perfect no cry solution to ensure that my baby stayed asleep once she was put to sleep. The recordings it plays of a mother’s breathing and heartbeat have been scientifically proven to improve the quality of babies sleep, meaning that my baby would drift off to sleep with less chances of being rudely interrupted by the pesky pet next door.

I also tried some of the many white noise machines and sleep aids out there that could help drown out the inconvenient noises of our life, however many of them would shut off within 60 minutes - not enough time for me to scarf down a meal, shower and put some clean clothes on before my baby woke up!

What I love about the Lulla Doll is that it stays on for 8 hours, ensuring that babies stay in a world of comfort and closeness longer (and even through the night!) and won’t be alarmed if they do wake up and no one is there to greet them. In fact, since it can stay in the crib or be attached to the crib, the Lulla Doll is always near by to comfort babies back to sleep if they do wake up.

So if you, like me, have a noisy neighbourhood dog, are fortunate to have visitors who are excited to come coo over your baby, or just desperately need to take a shower, rest easy and know  that Lulla Doll is here to help put your baby to sleep, and keep her there.


-Contribution guest blogger Laura