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Sold out…again!

Sold out…again!

October 09, 2019 1 min read

We are over the moon & unbelievably grateful for the wonderful reception our Lulla doll is receiving! We sold out on the 27th of July and our second production had not even arrived to the distribution center.

We have now sold 35.000 Lullas, both trough our page on Indiegogo and to our distributors. Amazing and far beyond what we could have imagined!

We are now working tirelessly on expanding our production line and making sure we can meet the growing demand for our special project that is so near and dear to our hearts. We are now accepting pre-orders for an October production of the beloved Lulla dolls. If you purchased your Lulla doll on Indiegogo please see further updates here.

We sent Lulla dolls to our distributors in Australia and New Zealand and they will arrive in September. If you are in that area please check out their pages for pre-ordering. All of you in the UK can also expect a small stock of Lulla´s to be available in Kiddicare + John Lewis in the last weeks of August. They are also taking pre-orders in their sites.

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Icelandic Design Award - Nomination

Icelandic Design Award - Nomination

October 08, 2019 2 min read

Lulla doll was so honorably chosen on the jury’s shortlist for the Icelandic design award in 2016, amongst 3 other companies; As we grow (a children’s fashion label), Or type (a typography design company) and Powering the future (an electrical power exhibition). The Icelandic design award is established by the Iceland design centre in collaboration with the Iceland academy of the arts, the Museum of design and applied art, Landsvirkjun, the Confederation of Icelandic employers and the Federation of Icelandic industries.

According to Icelandic design award’s website “The Icelandic design award honors the best icelandic design and architecture annually. The importance of design in our society, culture and business is growing steadily. It is therefore vital to increase understanding of good design and underline the importance of quality. Celebrating achievement and excellence, the Icelandic design award is given to a designer, a team, a studio or an architect for an outstanding new work, object, project or collection. The award is given to a recent project that demonstrates creative thinking, resourceful solutions, thorough presentation and professional methodology throughout the design process.”

The winner of 2016 was a company situated in the same office building as RoRo, As we grow and in fact 3 of 4 companies on jury’s shortlist are situated in the same building. As we grow is a children’s fashion label, focused on creating timeless, quality clothing. We congratulate our friends and office neighbours on their success and we are happy that the award piece is standing in this building full of creative minds and beautiful design.

The jury had some wonderful things to say about Lulla doll: “Lulla doll is an original and inventive design, supported with scientific research and consultancy by experts. The project is a reminiscent of the importance of invention, collaboration between different fields and the necessity of persistence and the persuasiveness to open the eyes of investors and leading an idea to production”.

Icelandic Design Award - Nomination

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OHbaby! Awards - Best New Product

OHbaby! Awards - Best New Product

October 08, 2019 1 min read

We are so thankful that the public chose Lulla doll as the Best New Product in the Special category of OHbaby! Magazine’s awards 2016!

OHbaby! Magazine is an award-winning parenting and lifestyle magazine aimed at encouraging, inspiring, empowering and informing parents in a beautiful and interactive way. Every issue is filled with expert commentary, parenting encouragement, family ideas, interior styling, fashion and fun party inspirations to build great family memories.

OHbaby! launched the inaugural OHbaby! Awards in December 2010, recognizing the best products and services in the pregnancy and parenting markets as voted for by moms and dads. Earlier in 2016 the magazine asked parents to let them know what their favourite products were in each category and they then narrowed it down to the most nominated products, to create a shortlist for the public to vote on. This resulted in Lulla doll being voted as the Best New Product in 2016. You can see all the award winners here.


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Entrepreneur of the year

Entrepreneur of the year

October 08, 2019 1 min read

Last week, on the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, the Icelandic organisation Stjórnvísi presented their management awards for 2017.

Stjórnvísi is the biggest organisation for managers in Iceland and Stjórnvísi´s management awards are granted each year to three company managers which have been found to excel; Entrepreneur of the year, Middle manager of the year and Chief executive officer of the year. 

The criteria for being nominated are: I. Result-oriented management. II. Innovation and development and III. Business environment.

 This year 71 individuals were nominated and we take pride in announcing that the founder of RoRo and the creator of Lulla, Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, was chosen the "Entrepreneur of the year 2017".

The president of Iceland presented the award at a festive ceremony.

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Safe Sleep with the Lulla doll

Safe Sleep with the Lulla doll

October 08, 2019 1 min read

The Lulla doll is thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for babies from birth. The whole design was made with safety in mind. The doll is very light, made from natural materials, has no loose items nor toxic chemicals.

The sound is set at a safe volume of 65db but is clearly audible even from a short distance. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby.

Pediatric guidelines all over the world do not recommend that caregivers have loose items in the babies sleep environment from birth to 12 months. With this is mind the Lulla doll is designed to be a crib-attachment, with velcro straps hidden in a pocket on its back for easy attachment to most cribs, car seats, strollers and other carriers.

We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from the face and is not loose in the crib during sleep.
Although, sleeping arrangements are always at the caregivers discretion.

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Johns Hopkins Giveback Fundraiser

Johns Hopkins Giveback Fundraiser

October 08, 2019 2 min read

In January 2017 we were contacted by the organization eQHealth Solutions and given the opportunity to assist them with a Giveback Fundraiser for the NICU at Johns Hopkins, All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. We wanted to help out as we could and RoRo was more than happy to donate 50 Lulla dolls for the families in the NICU.

There are many necessities that can help the families survive the long days and nights in the hospital and as the organization had already bought two Lulla dolls for the NICU so they knew our dolls had been a great asset to these families.

Holly Spinks, Manager of Utilization Review at eQHealth Solutions told us: “As a nurse, I know the Lulla Doll is so important to these children in the NICU as they help the baby sleep at night, as it softly “breathes” next to the baby, they are amazing for preemies as they mimic a mother’s womb.”

The NICU holds 96 cribs so there was a great need for donations. A number of generous companies participated in donating for this cause and according to John Hopkins Hospital they were able to donate 50 gift bags, which included: Lulla doll, Wubbanum pacifier, notebook, pen, tissue, water wipes and snacks. In addition, they were able to donate $75 USD in gas gift cards and over $150 in Starbucks gift cards.

Holly Spinks says in a newsletter about the fundraiser: “The NICU Giveback Fundraiser was a HUGE success. We really appreciate everyone pitching in on the fundraiser whether you personally donated cash, gift items, or helped in the efforts to get the vendors to donate. You really did a wonderful thing.
If you could have seen the expression on the staff’s face at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital you would have seen that they were overjoyed by our generosity. Because of your generosity, and the support of all of the donors, we made a difference with the babies and their families.
One of the biggest donations we received was from the Lulla Doll Company as they donated 50 Lulla Dolls to fundraiser to help with the NICU babies.
This is a true testament of what we all can do when we pull together as a community and “giveback” to those in need.”

The donors also received beautiful words from Donna, at the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital: “We wanted to thank you and your entire team who participated in the lovely gift bags provided to our NICU babies and families. Betsy, Suzy and I did drop off a good amount of the bags today and the mom’s faces just lit right up, they were thrilled. We will continue to pass out when moms are at the bedside. I just wanted you to know. Thanks again for your wonderful generosity. You are all very special.”

We, at the RoRo team, are so grateful for all these beautiful words and for being able to do something that makes such a big difference for babies in need. We thank Holly Spinks for contacting us and for making this possible for us.

Johns Hopkins Giveback Fundraiser

Johns Hopkins Giveback Fundraiser

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The science of the Lulla doll

The science of the Lulla doll

October 08, 2019 4 min read

Lulla is designed to promote better, longer and safer sleep by imitating closeness to a caregiver at rest.

Much care, thought and love has been put into every detail of the Lulla doll. It took three years to develop and test the doll and we were fortunate to have the help of doctors, nurses, midwifes, psychologist, engineers and numerous parents and baby testers during development.

Lullas unique design is based on multiple scientific research that shows how closeness of a caregiver, and particularly to the sounds of heartbeat and breathing can improve sleep, well being and safety.

The concept was first made with the needs of premature born babies in isolation in mind. Babies are not designed biologically or psychologically to sleep in complete social isolation in a sensory deprived context. The stabilizing and calming effect of closeness and in particular, the sounds of heartbeat and breathing has been studied for decades.

The positive effects of closeness to a caregiver suggested by multiple scientific research are:

  • Longer periods of uniterrupted sleep 
  • More stable heartbeat and breathing rhythm 
  • Reduced chances of apnea and SIDS 
  • Increased well-being and lowered stress 
  • Healthier sleeping patterns 

Infants depend on proximity and contact with their caregivers. One main reason being the immaturity of their cardio-respiratory systems. Closeness promotes efficient functioning of all of the infant’s immature organs and the central nervous system in general according to McKenna, the leading expert in co-sleeping. We are meant to stay close to each other.

Lulla was designed to be a second best when co-sleeping is not possible or parents need to be away for whatever reason. Please read more on safe co-sleeping as recommend by James McKenna and his sleep laboratory here

In addition, there are multitude of studies stating that co-sleeping has a calming effect and stabilizes heartbeat and breathing patterns. For this reason, pediatric guidelines now recommend that babies sleep in the same room as parents for at least the first year as it is thought it can decrease the likelihood of SIDS by up to 50%. There have been other studies before suggesting that having small children sleeping alone could increase the risk of SIDS.

Heartbeat sounds

The positive effects of Kangaroo care are well known, which is a skin to skin method used mostly on premature born babies as it has shown to help them thrive in terms of regulating temperature and breathing. The closeness to the caregivers chest being a key component.

There have been studies showing that babies that were held at the left side of the body of the caregiver slept better, gained wight faster, did not cry as much and had more stable respiration patterns and heart rate. It is believed that the reason for this is that these children are closer to the heartbeat of the caregiver. 

Breathing sounds

Furthermore there have been significant long standing clinical studies on the effect of simulated breathing sounds on infants that has given hope for infants that are not able to be close to a caregiver. These were studies that provided premature infants a breathing bear (a specially developed bear with artificial breathing sounds) and showed positive effects on the sleep/wake states, respiration and affective behaviours. The infants who were given the breathing bear showed less wakefulness, more quiet sleep, fewer startles in quiet sleep and less crying than premature infants who were not given the bear. In addition, they were more likely to smile and non-breathing bear babies were more likely to grimace in active sleep. These findings replicate and extend previous reports of effects of the breathing sounds on neurobehavioral organization. They also suggest that less negative affect is expressed by the breathing bear” babies; and they point to the importance of future study of preterm infants' affective expressions, both in sleep and in waking. More importantly, the babies breathing and heartbeat remained stable even after the breathing bear was removed. These results imply that the presence of breathing increases neural development and that breathing sound played for the children can have similar benefit as the actual presence of the caregiver.

Lulla doll breathing sounds

Lulla plays a real-life recording, up to 8 hours, of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Her name is Gudrun. She is a mother of 4 and a kundalini yoga teacher. The soothing sounds were recorded when she went into a deep meditative state to relax her heartrate. The breathing used is called Ocean breathing or Ujjayi breathing, which is a breathing technique employed in a variety Taoist and Yoga practices.

The sounds resemble ocean waves rolling and there are many benefits of using this kind of breathing, including having a balancing and calming effect.

Comforting touch

It has also been shown by research that by using a lovey such as a doll or comforter your baby is more likely to sleep through the night at an early age. Compared to babies without comforters, babies with comforters are more secure in times of change, stress or separation. Further research has even shown that loveys or comforters can be as effective as parents in settling baby in situations of moderate distress. Pediatricians recommended that the comforter is baby-safe, in pale colours and washable and that before giving the comforter to the baby to keep it close to the skin for a few hours or overnight so that it smells of you. 

Nothing can replace loving human contact but the Lulla doll aims to be a second best 


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Introducing Lulla doll to babies

Introducing Lulla doll to babies

October 08, 2019 2 min read

Lulla doll aims to promote a more stable heartbeat and breathing that can result in better quality sleep, longer sleeping periods, less stress levels and overall wellbeing. For some this also works to help babies calm down and to fall asleep. In an extensive user survey of the Lulla doll it was reported that 86% felt like the Lulla doll provided their children more comfort and 73% felt their children slept longer with the doll. 

Introducing Lulla to babies

For the first months of life, closeness is vital. It is recommended by pediatric guidelines that your baby sleeps in the same room with you for the first year of life. The Lulla doll can be a good addition, a second best but not as a replacement for closeness.

The benefits of the Lulla doll are to support a healthy sleeping pattern when co-sleeping is not possible. However, that does not necessarily mean they sleep without stirring or waking. According to dr. James McKenna, a leading expert in the field, babies are not designed to sleep through the night in the first six months. Most newborns don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks of life. Newborns can sleep for up to 20 hours but it can be very sporadic and some sleep much less according to pediatrician Scott Cohen.

The Lulla doll will work differently for every child as babies have their own sleep personalities and just like adults some are light sleepers and others are heavy sleepers. Be realistic and patient. Most users report that it takes time to intergrate Lulla into the sleep routine and see results. For some the results are immediate but for most they are gradual. 

For babies we recommend;

  • Before giving the Lulla doll to the baby to keep it close to the skin for a few hours or overnight so that it smells of you. This gives a feeling a familiarity and comfort for the baby.
  • Placing the Lulla doll out of reach. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby as in the first months it is the sound that the baby naturally syncs with. For the first months babies do not attach to inanimate objects but they recognize human features. – attachments to comforters comes a little later.

Other tips;

  • If you feel the sound is too loud, the doll can be placed beneath a mattress, pillow or blanket.  
  • Get familiar with safe sleeping with the Lulla.

If you have any questions or in need of advice just send us an email at service@rorocare.com


List of sources:

Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines
Babycenter: 5 things you did not know about newborn sleep

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Lulla doll the Best Baby Comforter

Lulla doll the Best Baby Comforter

October 08, 2019 1 min read

We are so honoured and thrilled to announce that our beloved Lulla doll won two awards in the Loved by Parents awards this year. 

Lulla doll won;

Gold in Best Doll/Soft Toy
Platinum in Best Baby Comforter

This is super exciting to us as the Loved By Parents awards is one of the largest and most trusted parenting awards programme there is worldwide. Each product is carefully tested by a team of parents. Then all shortlisted products are put up for a public vote where parents can vote on their favourites. So thank you parents! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can check out the awards here

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NICU Donation

NICU Donation

October 08, 2019 2 min read

In March this year we received a request from Julie, a mother of two prematurely born boys born at 26 weeks 9 years apart. Julie has been fundraising for March of Dimes for the past 5 years as Preemie Brothers. She also belongs to a NICU support group called Spark of Hope and this time Julie wanted to support her local NICU in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Julie reached out to us in regards to giving Lulla dolls to the Sanford Boekelheide NICU, which is where her youngest son was after he was born.

As many of you know Lulla was originally designed for preemies by Eyrún, the founder of RoRo. The idea of the doll was born when Eyrún's friend had her baby girl prematurely and had to leave her alone in the hospital every night for two weeks. That struck a chord with Eyrún and it was then that she decided to bring the Lulla doll to life. Since Lulla was designed for preemies, we find it very important that Lulla gets into as many NICUs as possible, in hope that the doll will help preemies all around the world. So of course we wanted to help Julie out.

NICU Donation

In August, Julie brought 20 dolls to the Children's Castle in Sioux Falls, which were given in the name of Preemie Brothers. They also did a fundraiser at the same time and raised $200 to fund more dolls for the future. They plan on doing even more fundraising in the nearest future. We intend to partner with Preemie brothers as well in future projects and providing more Lulla dolls to families in the NICU.

We are so thankful to be able to be a partner in this project and look forward to working with Julie in the future! Where would the world be without angels like her!

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The importance of baby sleep routine

The importance of baby sleep routine

October 08, 2019 4 min read

First, no two babies are the same and the same goes for their sleeping habits and routine. Some babies can be put down while drowsy and fall asleep with ease. Other babies need your constant help. They need to be rocked and nursed to sleep in every way possible. One thing they have in common though, and that is, most babies need to be comforted to sleep, not just put to sleep. 

We adults have learned to fall asleep. We usually go directly into the state of deep sleep, while infants and babies don’t follow the same pattern. They enter sleep through periods of light sleep and they need time to reach the state of deep sleep. Once they enter it, they aren’t so easily aroused.

To put this into perspective, if your baby falls asleep in your arms and you want to put her in her crib shortly thereafter, she will wake up and you’ll need to put her to sleep again. This is because your baby needs time to enter the state of deep sleep. Some babies only need few minutes to enter deep sleep while others need as much as half an hour. 

By learning to recognise your baby’s sleep routine and her sleep stages you can help her sleep better and longer. If you wait until she has entered the state of deep sleep before moving her to the crib or her own bed, she won’t wake up so easily and you’ll even get some long-needed time off. So, there won’t even be any need for you and your partner to communicate through texting after the baby falls asleep, even though you sit 3 feet from each other in a darkened room, praying that no one will call… (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.) 


If you stand next to your sleeping baby and watch her sleep, you might notice that about an hour or so after she falls asleep, she begins to squirm, move about and her eyelids flutter. She is re-entering the state of light sleep. This is a vulnerable period, for she can easily awaken if anything discomforts her, e.g. if she’s hungry.

If she does not wake up she will drift through the light sleep and re-enter the state of deep sleep. As she enters light sleep, if you lay a comforting hand on her, sing a soothing lullaby or have any other tried and tested sleep aid like the Lulla Doll, you can help her get through this period without waking up. 

Some babies need more help getting back to sleep than others. Some babies can go through the light sleep period without completely waking up. Others wake up but can ease themselves back into deep sleep. Yet others need help, they need to hear your voice, feel your touch or the warmth of your body. These differences in sleep cycle don´t mean anything else than your baby is unique, just like every other baby, and there’s no need to worry. 

Recognize your baby's needs

By recognizing your baby’s needs, you can make the transition from light sleep to deep sleep smoother. It takes time to learn what your baby’s sleep schedule is. Just remember that it differs from yours. Adults don’t take as much time to fall asleep as babies, and babies have more frequent vulnerable periods of light sleeps, i.e. they have twice as active, or lighter, sleep as adults.

This is vital information, for often we are so tired from daylong baby care and it seems almost unfair that she wakes up just as you’re about to fall asleep. If you learn your baby’s sleep schedule you can not only help her fall asleep again but also capitalise on it and make sure that you also get much needed rest and some time for yourself. 


In the first three months babies rarely sleep through the night. They seldom sleep longer than in four-hour periods without needing feeding. The reason is simple, small babies have small tummies and hunger is the main reason they wake up. Still, babies at this age usually sleep a total of 14-18 hours a day. 

From three to six months, most babies begin to settle and wake longer each day. For many babies this also means that they sleep longer at nights, up to five-hour periods. They still wake up at nights but their deep sleep lengthens and the vulnerable periods decrease. This is called sleep maturity. 

Bedtime routine is important

study of 405 mothers with infants between 7 months and 36 months old showed the importance of bedtime routine. Babies that follow such routine sleep easier, better and cry out in the night less often. Mixing your baby’s bedtime routine with some activities can be critical in helping your baby sleeping through the night. Some parents start as early as when the baby 6-8 weeks old to introduce bedtime routines to their baby. 

In this study there were a few things common in the successful bedtime routine, e.g. reading before bedtime, keeping activities the same and in the same order and make the nighttime conditions in your baby’s bedroom consistent. Staying true to the routine is paramount and will not only help your baby sleep better and longer but also make your life easier and you’ll even enjoy parenting more.

Develop a baby sleep routine

Developing a baby sleep routine can be really helpful for your baby. Take the time to read for your baby, bath her before bedtime and go through the same routine over and over. By being consistent you help your baby learn how to sleep and sleep well. 

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Perhaps some baby sleep aids could help

Perhaps some baby sleep aids could help

October 08, 2019 4 min read

When you become a parent, you’ll find yourself talking a lot about your baby. Everything it does seems to amaze (or puzzle) you. And one of the things you’ll start talking a lot about is sleep, even more so when either you or the baby don’t get enough of it. It’s at that point you learn about baby sleep aids.

Sleep is always an issue for us as parents. Once the baby is born you’ll find that gone are the nights of unruptured 9-hour sleep and for some parents, sleep becomes a major issue. Whether your baby is a light sleeper, early riser or even a non-sleeper, many parents have found themselves in dire straits. They desperately seek whatever solution there is, to make sure that their baby (and themselves) can get a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution for us out there. If there was, we’d all know about it. Each baby is unique and the reasons for their sleep problems can be as many and diverse as the stars in the sky.

But there are some baby sleep aids, that can really help. And the only way to see if any of these can help your baby is to try them out. Just remember, that though many of the baby sleep aids are tried and tested products, there’s never any guarantee that they will work for you and your baby.

Lulla doll

The Lulla doll is a baby sleep aid that aims at giving your baby the feeling of closeness and comfort by playing real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a sleeping mother.

This can help your baby falling asleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, wellbeing and safety.

Perhaps some baby sleep aids could help


Thomas’ story

Recently we received an email from a father, who had bought the Lulla doll. We got permission to show you the email.

“Hi, Roro

I bought your Lulla doll a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share my story with you.

My wife and I had our third about 8 months ago, a beautiful and strong baby boy, who came out kicking and screaming his lungs out. In fact, he screamed for 40 minutes straight and the doctors joked that he would probably end up a singer. When I got to hold him, he finally calmed down. I said to him: “You’re a feisty little one.” Oh, how little did I know...

After about 9 weeks he started waking up at nights, crying and screaming. We tried to sooth him, feed him but to no avail. He’d cry and cry for some time before settling again. This went on for weeks. We talked to every kind of doctor there is, but they found nothing. They said we just had to push through this period.

I could see my wife’s spirit break a little each day. Her smile used to light up her beautiful eyes, but as the weeks went by she became more and more sullen. She said that she felt she was not good enough for our baby, that she must be doing something wrong. I tried to comfort her, after all, we have two other perfectly healthy and great kids. She is a terrific mother and it broke my heart seeing her like that.

We tried everything, every lullaby, every sleep routine, every prayer, just about every remedy that we had used and used to worked for our older kids. Each time the baby was laid down to sleep the house would immediately fall silent, even our dog seemed to sense our distress and would hide away in her lair.

I remember one time just after we had put our boy to sleep our neighbour started his leaf blower. I will not, for the sake decency, describe the thoughts that went through my head, but they included my father’s old wood axe and some scotch tape. That’s how sleep deprived I was.

Little over a month ago, a friend came over to dinner. She listened to our story and concerns before pointing out that perhaps some baby sleep aids could help. She especially recommended your doll. To be honest, if she would’ve said that I would need to build a totem pole in my living room and always drive in reverse for the rest of my life, I would’ve done it.

Later that night we ordered the doll from your website and we got it few weeks ago. One night, I believe it was 9 days after we got the doll, my wife woke up startled, looked at the clock and rushed to the baby’s bed. I properly woke up as she stood beside the bed and started crying. My heart sank for I feared the worst. I jumped out of bed. As I came close I saw that our boy slept soundly.

My wife fell into my arms and cried. I didn’t know what to say, tears welled up in my eyes as well for I felt her fear, her distress and despair for months and her finally seeing the flicker of a hope, all at once. After a while we got back to bed. That night our baby boy slept for 7 hours. 7 hours straight! Since then he has only woken up once in the night.

The smile is returning to my wife’s eyes. My two other kids have gotten their mother and father back. I no longer need to sleepwalk through work. And for that, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you.

Based on research

The Lulla dolls' unique design is based on multiple scientific research on closeness, kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children.

We also relied on advice from a team of doctors, nurses, and psychologists during the development. There are many positive effects of closeness, e.g. longer periods of uninterrupted sleep and healthier sleeping patterns, and the Lulla doll, after intensive tests, showed that:

• 88% of users said they were likely to recommend the Lulla doll to others.
• 86% felt the Lulla doll provided their children added comfort.
• 73% of parents felt that their child slept longer.

Nothing can replace loving human contact but the Lulla doll aims to be a second best.

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